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James Trevelyan

James was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1952.

He grew up in Edmonton but returned to Calgary to

attend university, achieving a BFA in Painting.

a BA Honors in Art History and a MFA in Painting

He has since taught Drawing, Painting, 2D Design

and Art History at Grande Prairie College, Keyano College,

The University of Alberta and most recently at Red Deer

College where he served as Chair of the Visual Art Dept from 2013-2015. 

Calling himself a "Creative Naturalist" allows James a range of

creative exploration with nature- including, flora, fauna and the landscape itself. Various influences on his art have included Abstract Expressionism to Oriental calligraphy.


After studying Eastern and Western art for so long, he realized that abstraction and reality are very closely related. The goal in his work has become creating a 'greater sense of reality' through abstraction.


His work is in public and private collections in Canada, the US , the UK and Japan.

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